Got Engrish?


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Courtesy of Lair of the Bemani Order of Madness
Used by permission ... enjoy!

Some games have stupid quotes. Here's 100 of the best.


Terry Bogard says a lot of dumb things. Like the time when he did the wolf howl, or in Fatal Fury 3 when he called Geese Howard a rapscallion. There is a HELL of a lot of Fatal Fury quotes that aren't here, most of them involving Joe Higashi, and of course Andy's Great Icecream Salesman quote. But this is chiefly an Engrish thingy, and I don't think whoever wrote this knew that 'big silly' is strictly an insult for homosexuals. Now I know what you're saying, you're saying "That's big silly GOOSE!" - well, what you can't see here is that this is what Terry says to you if you're Geese Howard! I rest my case. Terry Bogard is a fruit. Geese Howard is a rapscallion and a B-I-G G-U-Y. Hooray!

2: INVINCIBILITY CLOAK PROMPTS (Wonderboy in Monsterland, Arc)

Second by a whisker! Now, from the fact that this game has the most engrish in this ranking, you'd come to the conclusion that the translator didn't know english at all. From this, I don't think he had an japanese to english dictionary either. Why is this cloak a queer gown, and why does it say "I'm loose" when you pick it up? Honestly, how many ways can you interpret this? ONE! WONDERBOY IS A FRUIT!

3: TERRY BOGARD WIN QUOTE (Fatal Fury Special, NeoGeo)

Terry Bogard just doesn't know when to keep his mouth shut. For one, 'wubba wubba' is either some kind of perversion of 'hubba hubba', or he's doing a hamburglar impersonation. For two, I don't want to hear about his donut king activities. FRUIT! FRUIT! NEXT!

4: LED Storm plot/storyline (LED Storm, Arc)
I think this one speaks for itself. Once again Capcom excel with original character names. There's also a guy named Arnold who wears sunglasses and drives a oil tanker. Terminator 2 wasn't out when this was made, so guess what movie that came from?

5: Crime City introduction (Crime City, Arc)
This game is very Engrish and this is one of my personal favourites. It's just wierd!

6: Some guy's ending (Art of Fighting 2, NeoGeo)
NeoGeo games in this era were very messed up. As you can see, AOF2 was no exception. Not engrish, but still, it's strange...

7: End of Level 1 intermission (Forgotten Worlds, all versions - Arc shown)
Bravo. Here I am complaining about how unoriginal Capcom is with names, and then they show me how wrong I am. I think this is the best trash talking ever in a video game. It's omnipotent! Picture Sagat saying it to Ryu! Gold, it is! Gooooold! Another favourite quote of mine which I didn't manage to take a pic of from this game is "I'll burn him with my aura!" - oh wait, I just thought of another funny quote like this - "I'll breathe in your pathetic bombs and send them back to you!"

8: Idiot in cage (Magic Sword, Arc)
Oops! Capcom messed up! These guys say all sorts of things, like "EVACUATE ME!", "GET RID OF ME!" and so on. They are funny...but there's too many of them, so it's not _that_ funny.

9: Tung Fu Rue Challenger Quote (Fatal Fury Special, NeoGeo)

10: Spanky/Bobby ending (Aero Fighters 2, NeoGeo)
You cannot stop me with paramecium alone!

11: Character Select screen (Champion Wrestler, Taito (Arcade))
Nitro Panks: Best name for a wrestler ever! Better than Star Man!

12: Wing Boots procurement message (Wonderboy in Monderland, Arc)
Some hard reactions!

13: Level intermission (Aero Fighters 2, NeoGeo)
Yes, but are you a bad enough dude to save President Ronnie?

14: Wolfgang Krauser Challenger Quote (Fatal Fury Special, NeoGeo)
Then don't eat it!

15: Character Profile (Violence Fight, Arc)
How can headbutting someone be healthy?

16: Epilogue (Suprise Attack, Arc)
Oh dear. Konami used that engrish translator again. I hope he doesn't get aferted!

17: Big Bear Challenger Quote (Fatal Fury Special, Arc)
Uh oh. Big Bear's hitting on me now. Don't trust people with names like Big Bear!

18: Story/Plot (Ninja Kids, Arc)
Hmm. Sounds suspiciously like a Nostradamus quatrain to me...except it's been translated to engrish!

19: Level 3-1 (Crime Fighters, Arc)
Naughty Konami! How many sexual references can you spot? I see Trois Street, Penal Co., Woody's Bar...oh look, that sign says King G! I swear it does!

20: Ending (Ninjakun 2/Ninja Kid 2, Arc)

21: High Score table (Bubble Symphony, Arc)
No, I didn't put those names in!

22: Sound Effect word (Violence Fight, Arc)
Dogoon isn't a word!

23: Character Intro (Aero Fighters 2, NeoGeo)
Uh...he's a punk rocker?

24: Wolfgang Krauser Challenger Quote (Fatal Fury Special, Arc)
Wolfy is just a tad fruity. And demended. Demented and fruity.

25: Laurence Blood Win Quote (Fatal Fury Special, Arc)
More engrish you can use in everyday life!

26: Read the screen (Ninja Kids, Arc)
Dun dun DUNNNNNN! Oh my god!

27: Megaphone powerup (Parodius, SNES (English only))
I prefer the Japanese version because the Moai smoke and stuff, but you can't go by this classic Engrish. Shame I didn't get a pic of "GOT A STINKFOOT?"

28: Intermission (Aero Fighters 2, NeoGeo) don't have a neck. f00.

29: Sign (Wonderboy in Monsterland, Arc)

30: Wierd guy (Wonderboy in Monderland, Arc)
10 GOTO 10; RUN

31: Intermission (Aero Fighters 2, NeoGeo)
Go Go Again!

32: Intermission (Ninja Kids, Arc)
As opposed to the satan of ice.

33: Epilogue (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Arc)

34: Level 1 thingy (Shadow Dancer, Arc)
I'm getting sick of this. Help me! ARRRRRRGH

35: End of bout screen (Violence Fight, Arc)

36: High score table (Pacland, Arc)
Pacman doesn't like me. I gave him soiled undies for xmas. They were his. Don't ask where I got them


I'm not numbering them if they are from Wonderboy in Monderland or Aero Fighters 2. This is annoying!

38: Intermission (Aero Fighters 3, NeoGeo)


39: Nurse (Wonderboy in Monsterland, Arc)
Maybe just this one. This nurse doesn't speak a word of english. I think she also says 'No Mistake.' sometimes if you got no money or something.

41: End of level screens (Super Chase, Arc)
Try saying these out loud!

42: Epilogue (Violence Fight, Arc)
Schlagwerk knows all.

43: Ending (Crime City, Arc)

44: End of level (Crime City, Arc)

45: Some guy (Ninja Kid 2, Arc)

48: Intermission (Crime City, Arc)
I'm getting sick of Crime City too.

49: Intro (Robocop, Arc)
Apparently. Arrrrrrgjjj

50: Robert vs Takuma intro (Art of Fighting 2, NeoGeo)
WHO TOLD YOU!?!?!?!?!?

51: Semi-ending (Crime City 2, Arc)
Wierd woman.

52: Fernandez (Waku Waku 7, NeoGeo)
What the hell happened to the rest of this sentence? This is all he says! I want to know what's shabby!

53: Ending (Crime City, Arc)
Oops! Someone swapped their english dictionary with a spanish one.

56: John's Ending (Art of Fighting 2, NeoGeo)
Did he go for a burger?

I'll just let you go through the rest yourself...

96: Sagat's Ending (Street Fighter Alpha 3, Arc)



So does Thomas Howard!

Not without my almonds!


Alternate lyrics to Mister Magic!


Look! I got a yellow panic time bonus!

Y U DO THIS!????????????????/////

Fag Patrol! Fag Patrol! Oh look a light falls on his head!

SuperFag. 'nuff said. I wish this game had sound.

Tampax, Controller of the Universe!

Origin of the Bemani Extra Stage!

Spanky's ending in Aero Fighters 3. VERY messed up.