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The year... 2007

Merry Christmas! Here's the link to this year's tune [ Click Here ]. The photo was taken by Tiptonium at a local Christmas Parade. Song performed live by Tiptonium himself.

noneEh, it has been a long time since the last update... Much has been going on and none of it here (duh). Anyway, here's the latest edition to the site. You like? Make sure the you've got the volume turned up.

Click Here!

On the gaming front, I'm pretty much been playing games on the XBOX 360. I did not buy into the PS3 nor have I conviced myself to pick up a Wii.

I intend to make some changes to the site in 2007 so stay tuned... or not. Peace.

Winter 2006

noneMerry Christmas everyone. 2006 has been full of many twists and turns for sure. Here's wishing you and yours a very happy holiday. And just in time for Christmas, here's Tiptonium's lousy tribute to the Ramones' awesome tune "Merry Christmas, I don't want to fight tonight." Click here to view the music video.

Autumn 2006

noneAnouncing the World release of the new song and video "I have a guitar, I wish I knew how to play it." At least two hours were put into the production of this one. Time we'll never see again. <sigh> Click on this link to hear the tune. Best played through systems capable of higher decibles. Click here to view the music video.

Late Summer 2006

noneWhoa! September already. It has been a busy Summer for sure. Tiptonium has gone back to the studio and is proud to announce the release of his latest video. The name of the video is "I don't wanna eat Iguana." Click here to view the music video.

Pssst... I purchased an XBOX 360. I'll have more on this later.

Spring 2006

noneWhat little free time I've had in 2006 has been spent doing a bit of photography. I have not been keeping up with the Video Game scene like I used to do. I guess I'm either a little burned out in that regard or maybe I'm just waiting for the industry in general to settle down a bit and get back to producing games that are challenging and fun without having to rely on ultra violent horrific themes. Could the Wii be the answer? Anyway, here's a photograph of a fly on the wall. Click image to enlarge.

If you are really bored here's my latest song.

Winter 2006

noneHappy New Year everyone. Here's our 2006 animated "original" New Year's Tune. Hey, maybe it'll catch on. Hehehe... Click here for the original or here for the enhanced Neo Geo version (ok, I'm lazy)... anyway, back to something more worthwhile...

Winter 2005


Merry Christmas everyone. Here's our 2005 animated Neo Geo Christmas card and tune just in the nick of time! Wow, Tiptonium, that's cutting really it close. ;-) Click here if you've got nothing better to do...

But wait! There's more. A traditional Christmas song for those not into the Neo Geo featuring the same artist... believe it or not! My appologies to the original song writer, publishers of Acid, Reason and Sonic Forge. Click here for the Christmas Tune...

Have you seen this?

Summer 2005

I'm still here. Are you? Anyway, there is a new "tune" posted in the "Is It Music" section. I'll be putting up a few new Neo Geo projects sooner or later...

May 2005

What happened to April? Oh well... Dragonfly has 2 new Neo Geo projects completed and here they are for your enjoyment!

Power Spikes 2 and Fight Fever. Now get busy!

Artist PRWatts has submitted two nice Neo Geo character sketches. The first is King and the second is Mai. Nice job!


Here's a 30 second time waster for you. Long story short, kind of dumb. Click...

March 2005

It's Neo Geo Project time again. Here's a nice project for you tackle the next time you're in the mod mood. The game is Pleasure Goal.

February 2005

I was scammed on eBay. The good news is that the eBay Scammer was apprehended by Postal Inspectors. Score one for the good guys... Click Here...

January 2005

Happy New Year Everyone! Tiptonium has spent a little time cleaning the site up a bit. I've made few changes to the navigation panel (removed, moved and added items). The Neo Geo section has been moved up and features a new section called "Art? Whatever..." It is a catch all for some of our Neo Geo related "things."

What better way to start off the year as we all head back to work, school, retirement, whatever by loadin' up a new useless feature here on the site. Perhaps this could help someone with their whiteboard virtual storage-virtualization project. Here is the Technobabble Generator. Big yawn...

Oh, in case you're not a Neo-Geo.Com regular, here a link to the Happy New Year 2005 Flash that you missed.

Ahhhh..... technology. I've made several upgrades to my personal computer setup in 2004. It seems that I finally went to far. It seems that I exeeded the capacity of my computer's power supply. What??? Hey, I only had 8 USB devices, 3 Fireware devices, 2 SATA drives, 2 IDE drives, 1 GIG Memory, Radeon All-In-Wonder, A bunch of cool LEDs 4 fans, DVD Burner, Extra IDE controller, Sound Blaster Z2 and an Intel P4 drawing power from a 350Watt power supply. The thing would crash the video a couple of times a day. Upgrading to a 500Watt powersupply has resulted in smooth sailing once again.

And finally, check out this music created by a Tiptonium family member.

December 2004

Whoa! I was beginning to wonder if I'd be able to get a new Neo Geo Christmas bit out this year. Well no worries, I managed to get a rough cut out even though my computer decided to "go on stike" for a while. Have a great Christmas everyone! Click here if you've got nothing better to do... And are are a couple from the past.. choose wisely... (A) (B)

November 2004

What happens when you mix an incredibly boring business meeting, a Palm T-3, and a cool little program for the Palm called Novi Animator? Goofy little creations like this I suppose. Introducing Happy Guy. Music by Tiptonium (natch!) Click here to view the latest video dance craze ;-) ...

October 2004

So, you were not luckly enough to receive one of those free Terry Bogart hats when you purhcased King Of Fighters: Maximum impact... No biggy. The hat is cheaply made. Anyway, here's a glimpse at the free hat in a new action video!

Click Here to view the "awesome" video...

In celebration of SNK Playmore's October 2004 US release of King of Fighters: Maximum Impact on the PS2 Tiptonium presents the following salute to Mai! A Tiptonium music video... Click Here...

September 2004

Two new Neo Geo home cartridge projects have been added. Flip Shot and Magical Drop 2 No jumpers to fool with!

August 2004

"Pity The Machine", a new music video release from Tiptonium is now available for your viewing "enjoyment" if you've got nothing better to do on this planet. Click Here...

Three new Neo Geo home cartridge projects have been added. Pop N' Bounce, Twinkle Star Sprites and the "Heat Gun Desolder Method."

Certain peeps on this planet have been really getting on my nerves of late. What to do? Hit the studio and crank out a little stress relief. If you want to see the video, click here! If you'd like to download the MP3 song (Why, I haven't a clue...) click here.

July 2004

Here it is, the "You Smell Like Cheese" Song and Video... Click!

June 2004

Neo Geo fans looking for a new MVS to Home Project to tackle. We've got SEVEN more projects for you to enjoy. What are they? How's this for a list.. Breakers Revenge, Goal Goal Goal, Gururin, Puzzle De Pon, Super Dodgeball, Zedblade and Zupapa! Now get busy!

May 2004

SNK VS. CAPCOM CHAOS, The MVS Version. I have what appears to be a 100% legitimate MVS kit. Playmore has not yet confirmed its existence, yet here it is. If you'd like to see this kit up close and personal then I've got just what you are looking for. A complete pictorial of the kit... Click!

April 2004

Neo Geo MVS prototype cartridge discovered! Yes indeedy Neo Geo fans, we've got the exclusive information for you right here... Click!

Yowza! Neo Geo Cartride Castles! A bunch of Neo Geo fans have been having a bit of fun building castles out of Neo Geo cartridges over at Neo-Geo.Com. Here's my director's cut edition for your viewing "enjoyment"... Click!

Hey, have you ever seen one of these? It is called the Master System Super Compact. This bizarre and little known system was big time high tech for its time! The console used wireless technology via two antennas, ran on four AA batteries or on an AC adaptor and had a built in sports game of futbol and used switchable game cards. The images were sent to me by and has been added to Tiptonium's Video Game Hardware Gallery. If you've got a good digital picture of a video game system that we do not have listed feel free to send it to us and will try to get it posted all to see!

Not too long ago...

Here's another cool Neo Geo Project. Takagisan and Afugusan have been hard at work, and have created a nice little project. The game is Neo Bomberman, yet another game that never released for the Neo Geo home console. The game originally appeared in Japan arcades on the Neo Geo MVS but was never officially released for the US market.  Unfortunately, this game was heavily bootlegged and most of the stuff you see for sale on eBay are non-original cartridges.  This project requires a 100% original cartridge.  Anyway, enough about that! Click here for the project details.

Is this a huge Microsoft cover-up? Have you ever received a "dirty disc" message while playing one of your BRAND NEW XBOX titles on your 1st or 2nd generation XBOX console? If so, the fault is probably not caused by dirt, grime or smudges at all but rather is caused by a faulty DVD drive!  You'll not get Microsoft to admit to this but Tiptonium reader Jason C. has something to say about the whole situation that is plaguing many XBOX users today.  Personally, I have gotten that message and it does make me wonder... how can a scratch free, smudge free new disc be "dirty" yet my old games play fine.  I am almost positive that there is a huge coverup back and M central.   Laugh it up Bill, we're on to you...  Click Here To Read More!

Here's a Music Video from Tiptonium Studios. Staring Wilson and Lucy Lu with vocals by Tiptonium himself. We take a crack at Tom Jones' classic tune "What's New Pussycat." Sorry Tom... Click Here Now!




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  • Forza 2 - XBOX 360
  • Guitar Hero 2 - XBOX 360
  • XBOX Live Arcade - XBOX 360

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